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Nigerian Youths from the three major tribes of the country have been called upon to sheathe the un-going daggers of “war” and collaborate to face their common enemy – the country’s politicians  “who abuse their offices and steal the wealth of the land”; thus depriving majority of Nigerians a decent living.

This admonition was given by the Archbishop emeritus of Lagos Archdiocese, Anthony Cardinal Okogie, in a statement released in Lagos recently. The cardinal attributed the drums of war being beaten by the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa youths of the country, insinuating that “they can no longer live together as a result of anger and hunger”. The statement was titled: Deprivation and Agitation: A Reflection on Nigerian’s Late 2017 Budget.” Noting that deprivation by the politicians has now turned to agitation by the citizens, Cardinal Okogie declared: “In the absence of a budget, the economic conditions in which we live continue to bite. Nigerians are hungry and angry. In their anger, they turn against each other on the social media, using unprintable language, threats and violence to sort out their differences.” The cardinal while expressing concern that the Nigerian society has become one where civil discourse has become an unwanted alien emphatically stated that the present federal system of Government being practiced by the country is not in the interest of Nigerians. Expressing concern that every aspect of life in the country was going on a downward trend, Cardinal Okogie decried the poor state of livelihood of most Nigerians.
The emeritus Archbishop of Lagos berated the lackadaisical approach of those in power in the administration of the country, making particular reference to the delay in passing the 2017 Budget by the National Assembly. Pointing out that the present system of governance is not serving majority of Nigerians, Cardinal Okogie declared: “The relationship between the government and the citizens places the citizen at gross disadvantage and the politicians at an undue advantage.
Noting that the country’s young people are the worst hit in the present situation, the cardinal emphasized that the “country has more than enough resources to make life livable”. He continued: “If there is so much discomfort, we must interrogate those who manage the affairs of our country. Why is it that the government – federal, state and local – has failed Nigerians?” He added; “The extent of poverty experienced by our people is simply unacceptable.”
While stressing the need for restructuring the country, Cardinal Okogie declared: “Some people do not want to hear of restructuring. However, for how long shall we fail to see the urgent need for far reaching constitutional reforms in this country?”


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