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2018, Oct 22

Bishop Lucius Ugorji of Umuahia Diocese has stressed the importance of the Eucharist and prayer for the sustainability of our faith and armour against fear and false motives. The bishop made the call in his homily at the opening Mass of the Second Plenary Meeting of the Diocesan/Religious Directors of Communication, held at St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, Ahiara Mbaise, Imo State, recently.

Using the readings of the day, especially the Gospel which emphasizes the paramount necessity of the Lord’s Prayer in the life of every faithful, Bishop Ugorji declared: “Our good intentions are sometimes blocked by fear and false motives. To let the Gospel prevail in us, we need the strength of daily prayer and even daily Eucharist”.

He then elaborated on the different aspects of petitions contained in the prayer and the relevance of each in a Christian life. The bishop noted that the readings emphasize our equality and oneness as the faithful of God irrespective of ethnic, social and tribal differences as Christ’s teaching has made one both the jews and the gentiles with his teachings.

The bishop, who is also the Apostolic Administrator of Ahiara Diocese declared: “We will get much more out of the Lord’s Prayer if we take each petition separately and see each one as a theme about which we can pray, spending time to reflect and praying around each one. When we do that seriously and conscientiously, we will see that it is a very challenging prayer.”

Among other explanations, Bishop Ugorji stated: “When we pray “thy Kingdom come”, we are yearning for the realization of God’s kingdom of love, truth, justice and peace, which is countered by the growing culture of selfishness, greed and graft among our people.” He added that with this call, we are also committing ourselves to be partners with God” in bringing the kingdom about.

He added: “Our cooperation in this work is of vital importance. To be a Christian, to be a disciple of Jesus is essentially to be involved in this task of making the Kingdom a reality. It involves deepening of the faith in the face of many negative forces and the spreading of authentic Christian values through Catechesis and promotion of Catholic Social teachings.”

The Apostolic Administrator stressed the importance of the communication apostolate in the life of the Church and the society in general for spiritual, pastoral, social and economic development, as well as entrenching justice equity and peace. He therefore called for a national Communication Pastoral Plan for the Church in the country. He however stressed: “… your task as Church communicators is not done in isolation. It is one better done in union with others but more than that, it serves as a link to all other activities going on in particular Churches.

The four day plenary meeting which was attended by over 70 directors, assistant directors and editors of diocesan newspapers featured other activities, including the election of new officers to run the affairs of the association for the next four years.



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