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2018, Dec 24

Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo of Oyo Diocese has emphasized the importance of the communication apostolate for the successful and effective revamping of Catechesis for the Church in Nigeria. The bishop posited this stand in his presentation at the recently concluded first National Catechetical Summit of the Church in the Nigeria.

The programme which was held at the CSN Resource Centre, Durumi, Abuja; had Revamping Catechetical Apostolate in Nigeria as its theme and was attended by over 300 delegates, including members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, from all parts of the country. The bishop’s presentation was titled: The “Tech in Catechesis: Towards Media Application in Catechesis.”

Noting that: “Catholics need a means of nurturing their faith, and non-Catholics need better means of knowing the Catholic faith”, the local ordinary of Oyo Diocese added that all stages in catechesis “demand skillful application of available communication accessories to be effective”. The speaker who spoke extensively on: the key elements of Catechesis; Communication as embedded in Catechesis; the Tech in Catechesis; early elements of new technologies; signs of our times and panorama of the Church’s engagement with social communications, among other subthemes; outlined the importance and challenges of use of modern means of information technology; and how they can be applied for enhancing the Catechesis apostolate.

Bishop Badejo who used many references of the Church documents and the Apostolic Exhortations of the Holy Fathers, on effective use of communication technology for the apostolate of the Church, stated: “The social communications media surely have to be counted among the most effective instruments available today for spreading  the message of the Gospel.”

The bishop, while outlining how the Church can effectively use social communications in her Catechetical apostolate as well as the opportunities available in the respect; made some practical proposals for effective delivery.


These include: Taking the most basic technology components of our faith encounters more seriously: ensure proper functioning of microphones, loudspeakers, lighting, notice boards, billboards, posters, fliers, tracts banners; producing catechetical resources, especially the annual Catechetical Week booklet in digital form for easy management and sharing. including the children format too; and enlisting artistes of Christian music and audio visual art to the project especially to serve the need for group media resources and for grassroots evangelization in families. The impact of music and audio resources as a vehicle for catechism must be exploited more.


Stressing the importance of funding, Bishop Badejo also advocated among other practical means, the Provision of appropriate and updated pastoral formation for Catechists, Catholic teachers and communicators; who should also be adequately formed and trained to be competent in integrating the new age technology and the digital media in their work. He added: “Make diocesan newsletters, parish bulletins and notice boards attractive and interactive platforms for catechesis so as to encourage and facilitate faith formation, participation of the faithful in the discourse weekly presented in them, with children-compliant input as well. This requires considerable planning, expertise and goodwill.”


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