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2019, May 27

The recent three-day workshop and training organized for Secretaries General of the Bishops Conferences of the West Africa sub-region, held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; was aimed at enhancing the activities of the administrative offices of the Bishops’ Conferences and make them more vibrant.

This ultimate goal was highlighted in the communiqué issued by the Communications Directorate of RECOWA-CERAO, the organizers of the training programme. According to the statement signed by Rev. Fr. George Nwachukwu, the organization’s Director of Communications, the training programme was to re-awaken the spirits of the Secretaries General to their unique call as administrators of their various conferences.

The meeting of the Secretaries General, preceded the Regional Conference of the Bishops of the West African region and it was to reflect on the ways and means of improving their administrative capacity for more efficiency and better results.

The statement further noted that one of the goals for organizing the training programme was to challenge the Secretaries General to greater efficiency while assisting and directing the bishops in collaboration for a more resourceful and vibrant Church in the continent’s sub-region.

Addressing the Secretaries General at the opening ceremony of the training, RECOWA-CERAO Secretary General, Rev. Fr. Joseph AKA noted that the training programme was organized in line with the call of modern day administration. He reminded the Secretaries General that “the duty of humbly getting the Bishops in their different conferences to do the right thing falls on them”.

Presentations were made by Mr. Niamba Lassina nd Mr. KONE Mamidou and the two speakers explained that the lectures were to assist the Secretaries General in their duties in all ramifications and  “not only to organize the entire secretariats entrusted to them by the Bishops of their conferences. The speakers also spoke on the contentious issue of handover, a topic that generated contributions from some of the participants.

The lecturers position on this controversial issue, noted the need to eradicate or remedy the common irregularities which seem to have negative impacts on the Church. According to them, it is necessary to draft binding rules on the part of the bishops which may be in form of management manual.

In their separate votes of thanks, Bishop Arstide Gonsalo and Rev. Fr. Zacharia Samjumi, Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), expressed satisfaction at the outcome of the training programme which, according to them  has re-invigorated the participants. They noted that; “the trainers have implicitly transferred the passion to administer  noticeable in them into the participants, in the lecture series”.


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