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2019, Jun 10
Modern day information and media technologies should be used to enhance the building of a well bonded communal humanity where personal encounter as the basis of communication promotes, love, truth and justice.
 This assertion was made by the Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha Archdiocese, Most Rev. Denis Isizoh, in his homily at the celebration of this year’s World Communications Day, held recently, at the St Gabriel Chaplaincy, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Durumi, Abuja. The Bishop was assisted at the celebration of the Mass by the Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), Rev. Fr. Zacharia Samjumi and his deputy, Rev. Fr. Chris Anyanwu who is also the National Director of Social Communications; and six other priests.
 According to the bishop, in this era of digital technology and social media, enhancing the communication apostolate of the Church and the promotion of Christian values in the society is the responsibility of every Christian, through the positive use of modern media technologies.
Bishop Isizoh who is also the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) Episcopal Chairman for Social Communications, blessed the working tools of all the journalists and media practitioners present at the Mass and the phones of the entire congregation, He noted that in this era of Internet and digital technology, the communication apostolate of the Church is no longer the exclusive of professional journalists and media practitioners. He therefore called on all Christians, especially Catholics to use their phones to preach the gospel of Christ and promote good Christian values; using the various social media platforms positively to reach out to people.
 Speaking extensively on the Holy Father’ message, the homilist noted that Pope Francis urges the media and all communicators to focus more on strengthening  human community network; which is the physical interpersonal encounter, than the virtual community of Web network, which in spite of its various innovations has tendencies for more harm than good, when used negatively. The theme for this year’s Holy Father’s message is: We are Members one of another (Eph 4: 25) From network community to human communitie
To buttress his assertion, Bishop Isizoh, making references to the Pope’s message went on to  outline the dangers inherent in the modern use of modern information technologies which tend to promote isolation at the expense of human communal togetherness.
 While noting that the gift of modern day scientific communication network has enhanced communication globally and reduced the universe to a global village; the Bishop observed: “The Hoy Father invites all to reflect on the foundation and importance of our being in relation” and “to rediscover the desire of every human person to relate to others.”
The bishop noted that while the Internet “creates an extraordinary possibility to access knowledge, promote solidarity and help human persons to better connect, rediscover and assist one another”, this service is just a virtual community. He then went on outline the negative aspect and challenges of the Internet or the cyber space.
His words: “There is absence of central control of the contents of the cyberworld. The digital environment “nourishes unbridled individualism” which sometimes foments “spirals of hatred”. Some people while trapped in the virtual world live in “self –isolation in the midst of others. Young people are often vulnerable, some of them become “social hermits who risk alienating themselves”.


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