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2019, Nov 26
The Holy Father Pope Francis has predicted an end to the world artificial barriers separating the majority poor from the privileged few that are dominating the wealth of the world, noting that “the ‘day of the Lord’ as ascribed by the prophets ( 5:18; Is 2-5; Jl 1-3) will destroy the barriers created between nations and replace the arrogance of the few with the solidarity of many.
This prediction of the Holy Father was contained in his message for this year’s World Day of the Poor, released recently by the Vatican. According to the Catholic Pontiff: “The marginalization painfully experienced by millions of persons cannot go on for long. Their cry is growing louder and embraces the entire earth.”
Giving a profound explanation of the beatitudes with which Jesus began his preaching of the kingdom of God with the words: Blessed are you who are poor”; Pope Francis stated that this paradoxical message connotes that the kingdom of God belongs to the poor because they are in a position to receive it
Assuring that the Church aligns with the poor in their predicament, Pope Francis declared: “The situation of the poor obliges us not to keep our distance from the body of the Lord, who suffers in them. Instead, we are called to touch his flesh and to be personally committed in offering a service that is an authentic form of evangelization” He added: “Commitment to the promotion of the poor, including their social promotion, is not foreign to the proclamation of the Gospel. On the contrary, it manifests the realism of Christian faith and its historical validity.
Stressing the need for Christians to accompany the poor on their daily life journey, the Pope stated that this goes beyond initiatives of assistance. He added that doing this is a sign of hope for the poor, the marginalized and others facing similar challenges. Noting that the poor help us to encounter the face of Christ, Pope Francis added that they need God and his love more than other people of the world
His words: “They are not statistics to cite when boasting of our works and projects. The poor are persons to be encountered; they are lonely, young and old, to be invited to our homes to share a meal; men and women and children who look for a friendly word. The poor save us because they enable us to encounter Christ.”


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