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2020, Apr 16

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, in his Palm Sunday homily called on all the people of world, especially Christians to reciprocate the love of God, and take advantage of the present global disaster to reach out to those suffering and most in need. He also called for a re-examination of conscience with the intention of atoning for the sins that we have committed. The Pope made the admonition, in his homily while celebrating the Palm Sunday Mass at the St Peter Basilica, Vatican City, Rome.


The Pope using several references from the Scripture to describe the journey of our Lord Jesus Christ on his Salvific mission during the Passion Week, which began with his triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday noted that, in spite of Christ’ invaluable love for humanity, he experienced, abandonment and betrayal; and yet endured to the end, by “serving us to the point of experiencing the most painful situation of those betrayal and abandonment”.


The Holy Father urged: “Let us look within. If we are honest with ourselves, we will see our infidelities. How many falsehood, hypocrisies and duplicities! How many good intentions betrayed! How many broken promises! How many resolutions left unfulfilled!”


 He added that in spite of all these human frailties, the Lord healed our faithlessness and loved us deeply. Stating that Christ healed us by taking upon himself our infidelity and betrayals; Pope Francis urged us not to be discouraged by the fear of failing saying; “we can now look upon the Crucifix, feel his embrace and say, Behold there is my infidelity, you took it Jesus upon yourself. You open your arms to me, you serve me with your love, you continue to support me … And so, I will keep pressing on.”


The Hope Father stressing that the tragedy the world is presently experiencing makes it compulsory for us to love God and our neighbours; noted that life is of no use if not used to serve others. He added: “For life is measured by love. So, in these holy days, in our homes, let us stand before the Crucified  One, the fullest measure of God’s love for us, and before the God who serves us to the point of giving  his life, and let us  ask for the grace to live in order to serve. May we reach out to those who are suffering and those most in need. May we not be concerned about what we lack, but what good we can do for others.”     


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