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2020, Apr 22

The Good Friday celebration is a reminiscence of the journey of the Salvific mission of our Lord Jesus Christ, his sufferings and crucifixion; and an opportunity for the examination of conscience to seek forgiveness from God, so that we will not crucify Christ again.

This assertion was made by the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins, in his homily at the Good Friday Service, held at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos. He added that by Christ’s sufferings, we are healed and the Service is a call for us to seek forgiveness for the sins we have committed. His words: “Today, we should do self-examination instead of focusing on the sins of others; accept the guilt of our sins and plead for forgiveness, so that we can have a better future.”

Speaking on the Corona Virus pandemic, Archbishop Martins stated that this could be as a result of the abuse of the environment by humanity and not a punishment from God. He declared: “One thing is certain, God does not need to punish the world, but we inflict injuries on ourselves. Covid 19 could be as a result of the abuse of the environment by scientists. We need to ask for forgiveness for this abuse of the earth.”

Noting that not only scientists are guilty of this sin, Archbishop Martins stated that we are all guilty of not caring for the environment. We should accept our sinfulness against God, against ourselves and against the environment, by our actions and inactions, he concluded.

Preaching the homily at the Last Supper Mass on Holy Thursday, the Cathedral Administrator, Rev. Fr. Marcellinus Tecko stated that on this first day of the Triduum, we are reminded of what Jesus did to the world with the institution of two very important Sacraments of the Church – the institution of the Sacred Priesthood celebrated by the Mass of the Chrism and the institution of the Eucharist through the Last Supper. He added that priesthood was given in order to make the Eucharist available. He stated that Adam took us into sin and Jesus came to redeem us and we were reborn in Baptism.

The homilist urged the faithful to follow Christ, eschew pride, selfishness, greed and other vices. He added: “We must be humble and empty ourselves and serve others as Christ did by washing the feet of his disciples. Fr. Tecko urged the faithful to do charity, love and serve others so that their salvation can be assured. 


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