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2020, Apr 22

The Catholic Bishop of Auchi Diocese, Edo State; Most Rev. Gabriel Dunia has called on all Nigerians to be courageous and hold on to the promises of God. The Bishop gave the admonition in his Easter message to the faithful of the diocese on Easter Sunday. 

Assuring that: “After the Cross there is a Crown” (theme of the message); Bishop Dunia said: “After the crucifixion and death of Christ, there was resurrection, so that even in the face of fear because of the outbreak of CoronaVirus in our world, there is still hope.” He continued: “The Lord Jesus will heal us. He will heal His children and bring us good health of mind and body, which we are most in need of now.” He added: “We should not be disheartened but be courageous and hold on to the promises of God.” 

In his homily at the Easter Vigil Mass celebrated, Bishop Dunia stated that the resurrection of Christ is crucial for all Christians. The theme of the homily was Finis Opus Coronat – The End Crowns the Work. According to him: “It is crucial because without it there would never have been any mentioning of any aspects of the entire work of Christ. In fact, without the resurrection of Christ from the dead, the mentioning of Christ and his works on earth would have been too ridiculous. No one would have been ready to tell the story of Jesus and his works. At least, if anyone dared to tell us the story of Jesus and his works, at all, no one would have, certainly, cared to listen. In other words, without the resurrection of Christ, he and his works would have been rubbished, buried and be forgotten, forever.”

The bishop  continued: “The great Easter fire, the great Easter proclamation, called the Exsultet or Rejoice and the great and eternal proclamation, called Alleluia or Praise Yahweh (God), the meditation through the Scriptural readings on the wonders the Lord, God has done for his people from the beginning of creation, and above all the most solemn celebration of the Mass (the Eucharist) of the Resurrection are obvious testimonies to the ineffability of the Resurrection of Christ from the dead”.         

Urging that the faithful should not be deterred from celebrating this year’s Easter as a result of the CoronaVirus pandemic, Bishop Dunia asserted that Christ has proved to the entire world that he is the Light and Life of the world. “He, it is, who has power over life and death”.


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