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2020, Apr 27
The mercy of God returns us on the right track of our life and faith each time we falter or fall, the Holy Father, Pope Francis has declared. The Pope made this affirmation in his homily at the celebration of the Mass to mark the 20th anniversary of the Divine Mercy Sunday, instituted by Pope St John Paul II in the year 2000. The celebration of the Mass took place at the Basilica of St. Peter at the Vatican.
Using the readings of the day to buttress his point, Pope Francis made particular reference to the Gospel reading depicting how the disciples, especially Thomas, wavered in their faith after the crucifixion of Christ and had to be restored back through the mercy of Christ.  His words: “It has been a week, a week since the disciples had seen the Risen Lord, but in spite of this, they remained fearful, cringing behind ‘closed doors’ (Jn 20:26), unable even to convince Thomas, the only one absent, of the resurrection.”
He continued: “What does Jesus do in the face of this timorous lack of belief? He returns and, standing in the same place, ‘in the midst’ of the disciples, he repeats his greeting: ‘Peace be with you’. The Pope added that this same mercy of God is extended to us as we faulter in our journey of life and faith. His words: “The hand that always puts us back on our feet is mercy: God knows that without mercy we will remain on the ground, that in order to keep walking, we need to be put back on our feet.”
The Holy Father added: “The Lord knows this and he is always ready to raise you up. He does not want us to keep thinking about our failings; rather he wants us to look to him. For when we fall, he sees children needing to be put back on their feet; in our failings he sees children in need of his merciful love.” Urging the faithful to bask in the euphoria of the mercy of God, in spite of their failings and fallings; Pope Francis remarked: “The Lord waits for us to offer our failings so that he can help us experience his mercy.” The Holy Father added that, after encountering Jesus after the resurrection, the disciples were restored, invigorated and strengthened to preach the Good News of Christ without fear.    
The Pope admonished: “Dear brothers and sisters, in the time of trial that we are presently undergoing, we too, like Thomas, with our fears and our doubts, have experienced our frailty. We need the Lord, who sees beyond that frailty an irrepressible beauty. With him we rediscover how precious we are even in our vulnerability. We discover that we are like beautiful crystals, fragile and at the same time precious. And if, like crystal, we are transparent before him, his light – the light of mercy – will shine in us and through us in the world.”


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