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2020, Jun 05

The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama has cautioned that no human being can fight for God, describing the notion as a heresy. Pointing out that people can only fight for a god or religion that is weak”; the Archbishop admonished that focus should be on fighting vices such as greed, hatred, disease, illiteracy, hunger, unemployment, cultism and immorality among others. The Archbishop made the assertion in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for the seventh Sunday of Easter and the 54th World Communications Day, held at St. Ephraim Catholic Church, Jikwoyi, Abuja.

Archbishop Kaigama expressed optimism that after the “corona enclosure”, Nigerians will become better people of religion and truly patriotic citizens. His words: “Some individuals and groups should henceforth stop wasting time thinking and acting as if others are bad and they are the only good ones; behaving as if others must be at the passenger seat and they must be constantly at the driver’s seat; wasting unnecessary time, energy and resources fighting, wounding and killing fellow Nigerians believing they are fighting for God or for their religion”.

He added that people should spend their precious time, strength, skills and knowledge creatively for the common good of the society. He said: “At a time such as this we should join hearts, mind and will to seek home-made remedies to the coronavirus disease and begin to focus on agricultural production that will not only provide food for all, but drastically decrease unemployment, instead of waiting for “outside help” or ‘oil bonanza".

Archbishop Kaigama expressed the hope that the experience of Covid-19 will make all Nigerians to realize that this country is our common home and we own it equally and collectively.  He urged: “We need to join hands to bestow on her honour, dignity and integrity so that she can stand shoulder to shoulder with nations which even with less blessed material and human resources than we have, are able to provide social security to their people and adequate basic infrastructure.”

He added further that, at the end of the pandemic, all Nigerians should be able to demonstrate a new found patriotism with capacity to regenerate the country’s economy using agriculture, home-made goods; creating opportunities for better living.  He also expressed the hope that government will pay more attention to basic health care, education, equitable and effective distribution of social services and invest in rural and urban social infrastructure without the corrupt diversion of funds.

Archbishop Kaigama also used the occasion to call on Christians to use the period of social distancing to enhance their life of spirituality, be focused on where Christ is and move closer to God. His words: “This time of social distancing is also a time for us to observe spiritual isolation from the noise and conflicting voices in our contemporary society, in order to reconsider our personal values, set our priorities right and get reconnected to God for a more purposeful and spirit filled life of witness.”


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