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2020, Jun 17

The Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese, Most Rev. Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo has described the Blessed Trinity as the epitome of perfect harmony, unity and love; expressing concern over the discord, hatred and other vices that dominate the world, in contrast to what God wants for the earth, He so beautifully created.

Bishop Badejo made this assertion in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for this year’s Solemnity of the Blessed Trinity, held at the Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Cathedral, Asogo, Oyo, Oyo State. Speaking on the theme: One God, Love, One Heart; Bishop Badejo used the readings of the day to expatiate more on the perfect love and unity of the Holy Trinity. He described the relationship of the triune God as a mystery, which man cannot explain or understand, but nurtured by faith. According to him, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity is the most fundamental mystery of the Christian faith.

Furthermore, he admonished the faithful in the following words: “In our life today, we must pay greater attention to the Trinity for it is community, and family, in the truest, most eminent sense. Only that can heal us and heal our world. In the ideal family there is love, forgiveness, harmony, peace, caring for the other, unity and peace. Model your family after the Trinity, model your group after it, model your life after it and you will enjoy peace!” The local ordinary of Oyo Diocese noted that The Holy Trinity is the exact opposite of all the activities of humanity, full of vices and other iniquities of life.

Noting that the Holy Trinity is an embodiment of integrity, the fullness and completeness of divine love; as well as obedience, fidelity, steadfastness, perseverance and faithfulness; Bishop Badejo declared: “Over the ages the love and integrity of the Trinity has never changed not diminished. I believe that this is why everything divine still functions in perfect rhythm.”

He expressed the concern that the human race and the world, as a contrast to the oneness of the Blessed Trinity, is in disarray, turbulence and chaos. The Bishop therefore called for a renewed world in the concept and principles of the Blessed Trinity saying that: “The Trinity is the model of love without envy, jealousy or rancour, of humility that does not irritate, of glory that does not diminish.

Stressing that only by living the life of the Holy Trinity can the world progress and grow in harmony, the Bishop concluded: “We must cling therefore to those characteristics of the Godhead that can never be impeded namely, fidelity, kindness, love, humility etc.


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