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2020, Jun 25

Spiritual healing has been declared as the most effective means of absolving the world of all vices bedevilling it and making the human race live in absolute fear and sick in all facets of life. This assertion was made by the Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese, Most Rev. Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo, in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for this year’s Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, held at St. Francis Catholic Church, Adesakin, Oyo, Oyo State.  He added: “the Eucharist calls us to holiness and heals us completely.”

According to the Bishop: “Too many of us today are too concerned with physical healing but today the world needs more spiritual healing to wipe away wickedness, racism, ethnocentricity, Terrorism, nepotism, corruption, infidelity etc. The war, the killing, the rape, the immorality the greed, the poverty and misery we experience are all symptoms of a world that is spiritually sick.” He emphasised: “We all need renewal from above. Adhering to the values of service, love and humility from the Eucharist will restore us and our world. So, come to Jesus, dear friends, come to the springs of living water, the source of life and you will. Live, come to him you will never be lonely, your soul will never hungry, come to the truth and you will never be deceived.”

 Describing the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ as a commemoration of an irreplaceable event, Bishop Badejo noted that the Holy Eucharist has been the bedrock of the sustainability of the Church of Christ on earth, and the most intimate form of Christ’s presence in the life of the Church and her faithful. He added: “the Eucharist is Christ’s gift of his unmitigated love, self-giving that joins heaven and earth together.” The local ordinary of Oyo diocese affirming that the Eucharist is the most contemporary of all mysteries; stated: “Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us, and the Eucharist is the most intimate form of his presence with us because through it he is with us and also in us. “He continued:  Jesus made himself food for our souls because nothing touches us human beings deeper in our being than food does. Food, eating and drinking, brings out the best and the worst in each and every one of us.”

 Furthermore, the Bishop said, “That is why after all his teaching, after all his healing, after all his miracles, after predicting his passion and death, Jesus chose to host the last  supper so as to repeat in a most striking and concise form, exactly the sacrifice of his entire life and that of the cross so that even the most inattentive among us would hear, remember and live his life accordingly.” Bishop Badejo also noted that the Eucharist is the essence of Christian unity, but expressed concern that it has continued to be a bone of contention among the Christians denominations. Calling for an examination of conscience and repentance in this perspective, Bishop Badejo stated: “This is an unfortunate fact that has weakened the witness of Christians and the power of the faith”. He added that “too many Christians have today stopped praying and working for Christian unity as the Church commanded; urging that the efforts must resume with sincerity.

He called on the faithful to find ways of bringing the Eucharist, the food of love to life in our community by doing precisely what the Lord Himself did while he walked the face of the earth. “We all, politician or citizen, business man or civil servant, young or old, must have a permanent plan to actively participate in the mission of Jesus Christ at every level, so that the Eucharist can become the source and summit of our life.”


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