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2020, Aug 14

The Word of God is not spoken in vain and can turn the world round for the
better. The founder of the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, Rev. Fr. George
Ehusani asserted. He therefore called on Christians to brace up and face
the challenges of the present-day world by speaking for God against the
vices that are turning the world into an arena of crimes; disgraceful acts
that are making people to turn away from the ways of God and debasing the
integrity and sanctity of the human person.

Fr. Ehusani made the observation in his homily at the celebration of the
Mass for the 15th Sunday of the Church Year, 2020; held at the Lux Terra
Leadership Foundation Chaplaincy, …..; Abuja. The celebration of the Mass
was presided over by Rev. Fr. Zacharia Samjumi, Secretary General, Catholic
Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), Abuja; flanked by Rev. Fr. George Ehusani and
Rev. Fr. Isaac Dugu, CSN Director of Pastoral Agents Departments.

Premising his catechesis on the Word of God and the parable of the Sower of
the Seed, Fr. Ehusani used the readings of the day to reflect on the
advantages and challenges of the Word of God; and how the faithful can
change the face of the earth by responding positively to the call of God in
His Word.

According to him, the sin of Adam and Eve brought disruption to our
relationship with God, fellow human beings as well as created a wall
between humanity and natural creation. He however noted that the
transformation of human beings could lead to the transformation of nature,
and turns things round positively for the common good of humanity.

His words: “Fundamentally, people have lost the fear of God. Fundamentally,
people are alienated from God because if people are alienated from God,
then they don't see the image of God anymore. Genesis chapter went on to
tell us that when God created male and female, he pronounced that it is all
good. So, if we begin to destroy and violate one another, that means we
cannot see God in each other. That means we have lost sense of God.”

He continued: “So fundamentally, it is the alienation from God that is
responsible for abuse. Any form of abuse beginning from the abuse of Cain
who killed his brother. Now, with regards to nature, it is our alienation
from God that makes us abuse nature. That makes us, for example, go on. We
are looking for this and we are looking for that. And we set fire to the
land, 10 kilometers way because we are looking for one thing or the other.
If you read about what we are doing to nature, what is happening to
creation, to the environment; a lot of it is on account of human greed. So,
if human beings are transformed, nature will also be transformed.”

He noted that when the relationship of human beings with God is eventually
restored, our relationship with one another as parents and children,
husbands and wives and neighbours, will also be rectified; and so also with
nature. He added that not only shall we be able to see the remaking of
humanity, but also, “there will be no such thing called banditry or armed
robbery. There'll be no such thing called terrorism. There'll be no such
thing called 419. If our relationship with God is restored, we shall also
recover our harmony.”

Fr. Ehusani spoke extensively on the advantages and challenges of the Word
of God and how nurturing good thoughts and compassion can impact positively
on the environment. He remarked: “God’s word is not an empty word. It is
powerful. It cannot be frustrated. It brings about God’s purposes. He added
that the word of God is not only an inspiration but also challenges us to
be the best of what we are to be. He further stated that the Word of God,
the Nigerians can successfully turn the country round for the better and
put an end to the political, social economic and moral mess the country is
presently enmeshed in.

Fr. Ehusani urged the faithful to persevere in hope, stressing that the
Word of God once sown in a human heart never dies; and God will achieve
maximum success in His own time and his own miraculous ways because God
never fails. He outlined the things in us that could render our hearts
infertile to the word of God to include: pride and arrogance, doubt and
fear, ethnic bigotry, greed and excessive attachment to material things,
unforgiveness and nosy distractions, among others.


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