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2020, Aug 19
The choice of power, wealth and other mundane things of life over the wisdom of God for guidance would lead to down fall and loss of everlasting heavenly joy, the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins, has declared. Archbishop Martins made this observation in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for the 17th Sunday of the Church Year, 2020; held at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos. Using the readings of the day to buttress the invaluable role of wisdom from God for guidance in anything done on earth, Archbishop Martins noted that the interest of the common good should be a motivating factor for the life of any Christian to be able to gain eternal joy in heaven. Expatiating further with the first reading on the encounter of King Solomon with God in a dream, (1Kings 3:5;7-12); Archbishop Martins noted that the encounter is a clear indication of the need to know our human limitations and depend on the wisdom of God, in order to succeed in life and have eternal joy in heaven. According to the Archbishop: “Solomon shows us today that wisdom is the right choice to make. When you have wisdom from God, you will be able to get all the others things and then manage them very well. Scripture says: Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all other things would be added unto you. Solomon chose wisdom, the presence of the kingdom of God and he got all the other three: wealth, power and pleasure of all sorts.” He continued: “It is the wisdom that God gave him that empowered him with the ability to manage all other areas of his life very well. The name of Solomon is still being called today because he allowed wisdom from God to guide his life and activities. Even when he failed, wisdom gave him the ability to repent. Speaking on the three parables of the Gospel reading, the Archbishop stressed the need for Christians to know that no earthly treasure its greater that the Kingdom of God; as the parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl calls us to examination of conscience as to what is so valuable that can make us to sell everything we have to acquire it; while the third parable on the dragnet “sums thingsup by showing us that our entrance into heaven and being with God forever is determined by our choice of the values that we live by.” Archbishop Martins used the occasion to call on people in position of power to have the wisdom of Solomon and serve the common good at all times. He concluded: “My dear brothers and sisters, the message for us today is to ask God for wisdom; seek and search for wisdom from God in the Scriptures, the teachings of the Church and in the lives of the Saints. At the end of your search, you would have found the treasure hidden in the field, you would have found a pearl of great value and so you would be counted among the good by God. When you choose to allow God’s wisdom to guide you, your wealth will not destroy you, the power that you have will not corrupt you and lead you into error and wrong judgment; pleasure will not lead you to condemnation.”


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