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2020, Oct 07

The challenges presently facing Nigeria as a nation that can only be better addressed through a change of mentality which will make us see ourselves “as brother and sisters who belong to everybody but belongs to nobody”, the Vicar General of Jos Archdiocese, Msgr. Cletus Tanimu Gotan has declared.


Msgr. Gotan, who described the call for secession as a negative approach to solving the nation’s problems; made the remarks in his homily at the celebration of the Thanksgiving Mass for the 60th Independence anniversary day of the country, held at the St Monica Rantya State Low cost, Jos, Plateau State. The Mass for the 26th Sunday of the Church Calendar year was also in thanksgiving of the reappointment of Sir Joseph Ntung Ari as the Director General of ITF.


Using the readings of the day to buttress his points, Msgr. Gotan, outlined the challenges facing the country and stressed the need for the collective responsibility of all Nigerians to rebuild the nation. He also urged the people to remember that they are both citizens of Nigeria and heaven.


He declared: “Your Excellencies, top government officials, distinguished Brothers and Sisters, as we celebrate our 60th independence as a country, let us remind ourselves of our dual citizenship: the fact that we are not just citizens of Nigeria but also Christians and citizen of heaven who have a mission to carry as well. If we wish to leave the upper room of our lives and carry out our mission as the Apostles of our own day, we need on this day to beg the Holy Spirit to fill us with tongues of fire, so that with passion, love, and courage, we might bring the Gospel out to our world which so desperately needs to embrace it”. 


He continued: “In our celebration of the anniversary of our national independence, we unfortunately continue to hear the drums of war, we hear the cries of hunger, the cries for freedom, cries for the restructuring of the country, for peace; people are being kidnapped and killed by their own brothers and sisters, armed robbery has become the order of the day, those elected into political offices are robbing the nation and starving their own people to death. If the truth is to be told, the Country has become so heavily and dangerously divided along religious lines like has never been seen before while tribalism has eaten deep into the unity of our people. Things are falling apart, and the center seems no longer to hold. Even the Church is packed full of fake prophets and prophetesses, deceiving and stealing in the name of God.”


The Archdiocesan Vicar General called for repentance and a change of heart on the part of all Nigerians, noting that, according to the Gospel reading of the day, changing our minds in order to do what is right in God’s eyes can lead us to eternal glory in heaven.


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