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2021, May 31

The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama has urged Nigerians to learn how to overcome historical differences and prejudices, condescending ethnic and religious attitudes and divisive behaviour which are a barrier to national growth.

Archbishop Kaigama, who gave the advice in his homily of the Sunday of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity at St. Patrick’s Parish, Karshi, Abuja, held that Nigerians must build a better Nigeria, recognizing that they have one God and He is the Father of us all.

“The similarities of the physical features of all human beings and the uniformity of the functions of our body parts, buttress the fact that there is one God who created all, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Traditionalist, rich, poor, white, black, man or woman”.

The Chief Shepherd of the Abuja Catholic faithful advanced reason that if different gods made human beings, some human beings would have features of elephants or hyenas. “God the perfect artist allowed human beings to have accidental differences, which is why some are white, black, short, tall, fat or thin. This does not distract from our common humanity, despite our socio-cultural backgrounds or religious or political affiliations. Our diversity should not contradict our humanity”.

He noted that some people believed that there is a separate God for the Christians and a different God for Muslims, and other religions but that looking at the perfect harmony, the arrangement of times and seasons, the creation of the over seven billion human beings on earth with unique but similar features point to the reality that there is one who stirs the affairs of the universe but remains unmoved; one who changes things but remains unchanged.

The Metropolitan of Abuja stated: “When we think a different God made the Muslims and another one made the Christians, this inevitably leads us to be less charitable towards one another. Unhealthy competition, superiority complex and aggression will be the result.

Rather than acknowledging our common (Abrahamic faith) origin as the springboard for our spiritual and social actions, we engage in the futile struggle to Christianize or Islamize Nigeria; severely hurt one another in dehumanizing treatments and even prepared to kill, maim and destroy in the name of God, instead of being bound together as individuals for a peaceful and prosperous nation”.


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