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2020, Apr 16

The Corona Virus pandemic that is presently ravaging the world has been described as an indication for the need to foster the brotherhood of the global village; and proved that the people of the universe are one race made in the image of God, and dependent on each other, irrespective of differences in creed, colour or race.

This assertion was made by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kaduna Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev. Matthew Ndagoso in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for the installation of Most Rev. Matthew Ishaya Audu as the new Catholic Archbishop of Jos. The ceremony took place at the Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral, Jos, on March 31, 2020.


Noting that the disease, as a result of its devastating effect has made it impossible for most people to grace the occasion, Archbishop Ndagoso emphasized that the pandemic has shown us that the world is a global village and all people in it are one and interconnected.

His words: “If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought home the reality of our world being a global village. It has shown us in no uncertain terms how interconnected and dependent we are upon each other and the fact that no country is an island hence the need to work harder for the strengthening of the universal bond of brother/sisterhood in our global village.”

The Archbishop continued: “Faced with this pandemic that has no known cure not to talk of vaccine, humanity must work in concert in order to be a step ahead of this invisible enemy. We believe it is by working together as a global village that we will be able to defeat this dreaded enemy. This is time to stick together; time to help each other; time to be our brothers/sisters’ keepers. We hope and pray that God will help us, especially, our political leaders to have the will to work together with researchers and scientists to find not only a cure but also a vaccine soonest possible.”

Adding that the situation is also a pointer for the need for all of us to move closer to God, pray for His compassion and ask for forgiveness of sins; Archbishop Ndagoso prayed that “May our social distancing away from each other bring us closer to God through Christ Our Lord. Amen.”

The Metropolitan while welcoming the limited guests at the ceremony, went down memory lane on the life of the Church in Jos Archdiocese, from the time of the pioneer missionaries of the Society of African Missionaries (SMA) and other religious congregations who laid the foundation of the faith in the area about 100 years ago to the successful continuation of the good works of the missionaries by the indigene pastoral agents who accompanied the first two local ordinaries, late Archbishop Gabriel Gonsun Ganaka and Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama in keeping the Light of Christ aglow in the Archdiocese.

While noting that Most Rev. Ishaya  Audu is the third indigenous  Archbishop for the Archdiocese, the homilist reiterated the apostolic responsibilities of an Archbishop in leading the flock of Christ in the Archdiocese and other Sufrigan Dioceses in the Ecclesiastical Province.

In his welcome address at the ceremony, the former local ordinary of the Archdiocese and Apostolic Administrator, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, expressed gratitude to the entire people of God in the Archdiocese for their support for the spiritual and pastoral successes achieved by the Archdiocese under his Shepherdship. While urging them to extend the same hand of fellowship to his successor in order to take the Archdiocese to greater heights; Archbishop Kaigama, who is now the Archbishop of Abuja, urged all those who might have felt offended by some of his actions to forgive him.


He added: “All I did for Jos Archdiocese as Archbishop and lately as Apostolic Administrator, was in the best interest of progress, harmony and growth in the spiritual, pastoral and social spheres. For those who were happy with my decisions and pastoral initiatives, please continue to be happy and for some who were offended or hurt by my pastoral decisions, may God bring you healing and relief.”


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