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2020, Apr 27
The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev, Alfred Adewale Martins has described Divine Mercy as one of the fruits of the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, adding that: “Christ came into the world as a manifestation of Divine Mercy”. The Archbishop made the remarks during the celebration of this year’s Divine Mercy Sunday Mass, celebrated at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos.
Speaking on the immensity of God’s love and mercy for man, Archbishop Martins described God’s mercy as an ocean that never dries up and enough for everyone. He declared: “… the ocean of Divine Mercy does not destroy; it gives life and renews lives that are in danger of perishing. If there is anything that the ocean of God’s mercy destroys, it is the mountain of sin that it swallows up; it cleans unrighteousness and renews as it deeply cleanses the sinner.”
Archbishop Martins outlined the three main themes of the Divine Mercy devotion to which all faithful are expected to renew their commitment. These are: “place your trust and indeed trust completely in God’s abundant mercy; ask for and obtain mercy for ourselves and the whole world and thirdly, we are called upon to be instruments in God’s hand for showing mercy to other people.”
The Archbishop asserted that the Corona Virus pandemic period is the appropriate time to  committedly practice these three themes by coming to the aid of the vulnerable people in the society who are greatly affected by the lockdown and other measures put in place by government to prevent the spread of the scourge in the country.
Archbishop Martins while praying and expressing gratitude to the favoured faithful who have been assisting the Church in her corporal works of mercy towards the needy in the pandemic period; appealed to the Government not allow Covid-19 to hold the people hostage for too long and ensure that the palliatives provided by government get to the right people and are properly monitored.


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