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2020, Apr 27
The Catholic Bishop of Auchi Diocese, Most Rev. Gabriel Dunia has called on the faithful not to be afraid of the Corona Virus scourge because they are children of God and his Divine Mercy is their shield against any evil or deadly scourges. The bishop made the assertion in his homily at the celebration of the Divine Mercy Sunday Mass in Auchi, Edo State. The theme of the homily was: Misericordia Divina Potissima (The Most Powerful Divine Mercy).
Noting that Divine is an exclusive preserve of God; Bishop Dunia used the readings of the day to buttress his point adding that Christ’s greetings of “peace” to the Apostles is a clear manifestation of the fullness of his love for them and the entire humanity. He described the Corona Virus pandemic as “malignantly a magical potency which has overwhelmed entire humanity; but has no power over the children of God who enjoy the protection of the Divine Mercy of God.
His words: “Undoubtedly, sorrow, tears and anguish have now become the lot of entire humanity because of Covid-19. Yes, so it is. Yet, the children of God must remember that alive or dead we belong to Christ (Cf. Romans 14:8). For this reason, the calamity of Covid-19 should never constitute a terror whose fear alone deals a death blow on us hopelessly. No!”
The bishop continued: “We must remember Divine Mercy which is most mighty, the greatest and Most powerfully, a medicinal virus or contagion which when and if God arises, as in his countenance, his enemy the Covid-19 will scatter (Cf. Psalm 68:2). Indeed, “God will arise for battle, the enemy will be scattered, those who hate God will flee. The wind will disperse them like the smoke, as wax is melted by fire, so the wicked will perish before God; then the just will be glad; they will rejoice before God; they will celebrate with great joy” (Psalm 68:2- 4)
Bishop Dunia added: “It is true that we are sad and confused these days but let us turn to the mercy of God which is most powerful. From the ashes of sorrow and misery the mercy of God will arise. Then: “Misericordia et veritas obviaverunt sibi [sicut] iustitia et pax osculatae sunt – mercy and truth will meet, just as justice and peace will embrace” (Psalm 85:11).”
In conclusion, Bishop Dunia noted that Covid -19 is not greater than sin which the mercy of God wipes away; and assured the faithful that: “God, our eternal love will love us eternally and therefore he will not discard us, the work of his hand.”


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