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Pastoral Affairs
Profile & Functions

This Department of CBCN has Six units. A Secretary heads each unit which may comprise of one of a combination of committees.

  1. The Director of the Department is also the Secretary of the Pastoral and Liturgical Committee.
  2. The Secretary of Religious Education, Catechesis and Biblical Apostolate Committee
  3. The Secretary of the Pilgrimage, Synod and Congresses Committee
  4. The Secretary of the Canon Law Committee
  5. The Secretary of Inculturation and Translation Committee
  6. The secretary of Theology Committee


The task of the Department includes:

  1. Production and printing of annual liturgical Calendar and other important liturgical materials.
  2. Maintaining steady correspondence with
    1. Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship.
    2. Pontifical Commission for Pastoral Tourism.
    3. The International Commission on English in Liturgy.
  3. Co-ordinating the work of diocesan spiritual directors.
  4. Making Mass wine available for the Nigerian Catholic Church.
  5. Organizing International and National Eucharistic congresses and other Pastoral Congresses.
  6. Organizing National Pilgrimages and co-operating with organizers of Provincial Pilgrimages.
  7. Co-ordinating Jubilee Celebrations on the National Level

The Pastoral Affairs Department of the CBCN is the office charged with issues relating to Theological Reflection, Canon Law, Religious Education, Biblical Apostolate, Catechetic, Inculturation and Translation, and Organization of Pilgrimages, Congresses, Synods and Jubilees.


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