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Justice, Development, Peace & Caritas
Department »  Church and Society
Profile & Functions

The JDP/Caritas Nigeria co-ordinates and facilitates on the National level. Through all its structures, it ensures the involvement of the Nigerian Church in the promotion of a peaceful, democratic and integrally developed society where human rights and dignity are upheld and respected. The unit carries out its activities based on the social teachings of the Church, which are deeply rooted in the Gospel (Lk 6:18-19). It is the largest humanitarian outfit that is established at the grass root level in all the Catholic parishes in Nigeria and the Local Government Areas of the country. It also coordinates the Church's efforts in agricultural and rural development. The unit organizes seminars and training workshops with a view to building the capacity of all church functionaries at various levels in Socio-Economic analysis, Environmental Issues, Good Governance, Political Awareness, Civic Education, Preparedness, Emergency and Response techniques, Peace Building and Penal Reforms with the aim of building a strong and virile civil society.

JDP/Caritas Nigeria pilots the Church's efforts in relief services especially in emergency situations. It sources for funds and organizes the distribution of relief materials as the need may arise. In recent times JDP/Caritas Nigeria has substantially assisted in providing support to both Church and humanitarian workers at both local and international levels. The unit networks and partners with other related agencies of like minds as well as with funders.


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